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Telx Data Center Featured In Fortune Article About the Cloud

Blake Mitchell
June 9, 2015

You’ve got to admit, the concept of “the cloud” is one heck of a marketing coup.

Those were the words of Fortune’s Andrew Nusca in a very recent article about the buildings that make up the cloud. “Somehow technology companies,” Nusca noted, “got the world to think that the Internet is as ubiquitous and fleeting as patterns of water vapor in the sky.”

Of course, most people know that there’s some sort of physical infrastructure behind the cloud we all know and love today. What many consumers don’t know, however, is what these buildings look like, where they’re located, or which companies reside within them.

In a Fortune article titled “These Are the Buildings That Make Up the Cloud,” Andrew Nusca, Jonathan Vanian, Barb Darrow, and Robert Hackett look at six of the world’s largest carrier hotels, from LA’s One Wilshire Boulevard to DE-CIX Frankfurt. Also featured in the list is 60 Hudson Street, home to Telx’s NYC1 facility.

The article details the histories of the world’s biggest carrier hotels, as well as their technical specifications and other pertinent information. NYC1 is an essential element of the Telx NYC Trifecta, and we’re pleased to see it included here in this list. The article is a fun read for cloud experts and newcomers alike.

To read more about 60 Hudson and the physical infrastructure behind the cloud, see the full Fortune article here. For any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter.

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