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Report Shows IoT Is Thriving at Many Organizations

Don Schuett
March 24, 2016

In an overview of a new report from Tech Pro Research, Teena Maddox of ZDNet notes that the Internet of Things (IoT) is "the hottest component of the BYOD trend at organizations worldwide."

The Tech Pro Research report, based on a survey of 206 professionals around the globe, set out to determine how bring your own device (BYOD), wearables, and IoT are impacting organizations. It found that 67% of companies are either already using IoT devices, or planning to use them in the next year.

In her overview, Ms. Maddox also highlights key findings from the report. Currently, some 59% of organizations currently allow BYOD, while 13% plan to allow it within the next year. Only 62% of companies permitted or planned to permit BYOD in 2013.

Thirty-two percent of companies surveyed by Tech Pro Research are using IoT devices or in the midst of implementing IoT devices, while an additional 35% are planning to deploy IoT devices within the next year. Surveillance equipment, RFID tags, and building controls were the three most common types of IoT devices at organizations deploying or planning to deploy IoT equipment, while 52% of respondents said they had no interest or plans to implement wearable devices.

BYOD has been in use within the enterprise for some time now, starting with the rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets. That trend has only continued picking up steam as personal devices like smartwatches and other wearable tech have grown more popular amongst employees. With more and more connected devices being developed and manufactured every day, it makes sense that IoT would be picking up steam within the enterprise, as well.

Given that many organizations in the survey have plans to deploy IoT devices, it will be interesting to see the ways in which the enterprise uses the IoT in a business setting over the coming years.

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