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NYC3 Adds Two New Generators

John Huntington
July 30, 2014

If you’ve been reading our blog over the last few weeks, you’re probably familiar with our newest facility, NYC3.

NYC3 is Telx’s third New York City based data center, and in addition to contributing to the already great levels of service and connectivity you’ve come to expect from Telx, NYC3 also has a rich history as the newest iteration of the AT&T Long Lines building (which you can see in our film, Urban Giants).

We’re proud to be able to contribute to the tradition and history of the AT&T Long Lines building by updating it and using it as a modern hub of connectivity. As part of that effort, we recently added two new, cutting-edge generators at NYC3. That might sound like a small accomplishment, but it actually took months of effort and coordination to make happen.

To get this effort started, over 10 skilled trades had to coordinate with each other, the landlord, and different city departments including DOB, MTA, Traffic Enforcement, Safety Inspections, NYPD, and Landmarks. The crane we used—a 600 ton crane, one of the largest you can get into the city—came in pieces and took around five hours to construct. With 120 tons of counterweights and a 460’ boom (the boom stretched from Walker to Lispenard, or roughly about the length of the data hall corridor at NJR3), this crane was massive, to say the least.

We closed Walker and Lispenard streets, and shut down two lanes on Avenue of the Americas. Fourteen flatbeds of equipment were strategically parked around the surrounding blocks, and the first pickup started at 5am Saturday. The last pickup happened around 11pm Saturday—an immense effort. It took a long time to plan and make happen, but we’re very happy about this important addition.

Each of these two new 2000 kilowatt, 480 volt backup generators support all customers on our new 10th floor expansion space. Configured as 2N for maximum redundancy, these generators are an important addition to NYC3, and a key element of our efforts to update NYC3 while honoring its rich history.

To learn more about NYC3, see its data center profile page here. And for any other questions about our data center or any of the services we offer, you can reach out to us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you.

Photo: NYC3 (32 Ave of Americas) - Installation of Generators - 7/26/14
Note: NYC1 (60 Hudson) - Shown in the background

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