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How International Carriers Can Benefit from the Telx Ecosystem

Anthony Rossabi
April 16, 2014

The world today is more connected than ever before.

Even so, building a fast and reliable international network can sometimes seem like a monumental task. International carriers looking to expand and reach into new markets have a variety of options for doing so, and not all options are created equal.

Here at Telx, we started out as an interconnection company—and that initial foundation has carried over throughout the years, allowing us to build one of the most robust, expansive ecosystems present in the United States today.

For international carriers looking to extend their reach into (or out of) the U.S. market, few data center services providers offer as many interconnection and cloud and connectivity options as Telx.

Telx’s Internet Exchange (TIE), for example, allows ISPs, content and gaming providers, enterprises, and others to quickly and easily exchange IP traffic. TIE adds carrier access from the United States to global locations in Europe, Asia, and South America. By connecting you to ISPs, enterprises, and customers around the world, TIE enables your business to expand and evolve in unprecedented ways.

Similarly, within and outside of the U.S., the Telx ecosystem is immense. We provide interconnection services to a global ecosystem of more than 1,000+ leading telecommunications carriers, ISPs, content providers, and enterprises through more than 46,000+ cross connections at our strategically located, carrier-neutral interconnection facilities, giving carriers access to a myriad of markets around the world.

When an international carrier chooses Telx as its data center services provider, it receives unparalleled access to our massive global ecosystem. Access to essential markets in the U.S. expands the customer base, increases efficiency, and above all, provides your end users with better service than they would get otherwise.

If extended market penetration, reliability, and a strong network are what you’re looking for, Telx has a solution to fit your needs.

Want to learn more about how international carriers can benefit from connecting to the Telx ecosystem? Connect with us via the contact page of our site, or by Facebook or Twitter and let us know—we’d love to hear from you.

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