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The Enterprise Cloud Catalyst – A Look Ahead

July 30, 2014

Over the summer we announced our Global Cloud Marketplace, which will enable Digital Realty clients to instantly provision on-demand, burstable cloud services from trusted cloud providers such as IBM SoftLayer, Internap, Interoute, GoGrid and SingleHop.

The program is still in its infancy, but demand for the offering has been strong, and we expect to see healthy adoption as awareness grows. However, I’d like to pause here for a moment and explain why the concept behind the cloud marketplace is so important for our clients.

Modern cloud providers cater to small and medium-sized businesses, but they all aspire to penetrate the enterprise marketplace. The enterprise segment already populates our data centers around the world. Likewise, cloud service providers are also a large part of our client base, in part because they want access to our enterprise customers.

Enterprise clients in turn are attracted by the ability to easily and securely connect to multiple areas of their hybrid cloud. Both sets of clients choose to grow on our platform, in part because of the presence of the other. The final catalyst connecting our incredible enterprise customer base to the cloud service providers is the deployment of our global network ecosystem.

No other data center solution provider has the footprint and the cost structure to effectively service the enterprise customer on a global basis. The competitive advantage of this network effect is analogous to a network-dense data center, but on a global portfolio scale, rather than a single building.

We believe this premise will be borne out over time by attracting new enterprise clients as well as new cloud service providers and the ability to grow their businesses within our global portfolio.

Bill Stein, Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Digital Realty

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