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Digital Realty Senior VP of Sales Andrew Schaap Talks Hybrid Cloud in Data Center Frontier

Clive Over, Director of Product Marketing
October 4, 2016

Recently, Andrew Schaap, Senior Vice President of Sales at Digital Realty was featured in Data Center Frontier's Voices of the Industry column, where he discussed the hybrid cloud and how organizations can put it to work for them.

The idea of a hybrid is to marry the most beneficial aspects of two separate elements to create an entirely new, but similar element. In theory, hybrid cloud is a combination of the security and autonomy of a dedicated, single-tenant data center with the availability, scalability and extraordinary array of services offered by public cloud providers.

In practice, implementation of a hybrid cloud strategy isn’t typically so simple. Despite the fact that a vast majority of organizations understand the value of cloud and have already made some move toward cloud computing, there are several factors that make actually executing a hybrid cloud strategy a considerable challenge.

Digital Realty's global footprint is the foundation that allows us to solve those problems for a wide variety of enterprise clients. Our commitment to optimizing the user experience is also second to none. When it comes to hybrid cloud deployments, these can be “the difference between carving on a stone tablet and using Photoshop.”

Want to learn more about Digital Realty's vision of hybrid cloud? Click here to read Andrew’s entire Voices of the Industry column.

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