Nadia Tuffaha, Content Marketing Manager
March 9, 2017

We previously shared a video about the great work HudsonAlpha is doing in the field of genomics. You can now read more about how their research is progressing the quality of life in our HudsonAlpha case study.

De stichting heeft grote ontdekkingen opgeleverd die van invloed zijn op gebieden zoals de landbouw en de diagnose en behandeling van ziekten, zoals met een van 's werelds eerste totaalprogramma's in genomische geneeskunde voor het diagnosticeren van zeldzame ziekten.

As you can imagine, each process of genetic sequencing generates large volumes of data that must be stored long-term, which is then used by scientists to study and produce key findings and breakthroughs. Given the need to share research and data internationally, Digital Realty's colocation and interconnection services were key to guaranteeing consistent performance and availability of critical data.

To learn more about the innovative work HudsonAlpha is doing to better our world, download the HudsonAlpha case study today.

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