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Redefining the Data Center

April 21, 2015

An article by Matt Miszewski, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, was recently featured on Business 2 Community. In the article, he discusses the evolving perceptions around the data center’s business role and the fact that for businesses with a connected mobile or cloud offering, the data center is a vital feature for both growth and performance.

From the article:

In the world of e-commerce, every online transaction, from a simple page view to a credit card order, can be traced back to the precise kilowatt in a given data center engine. Data centers power the human interaction, data storage, and knowledge sharing that enable connected businesses to increase revenue and build out their customer base.

As part of this change, many business models are being challenged altogether. For publishing and media, shuttered industries have been replaced with new, digitalized alternatives — and the pressure to evolve can be felt across different verticals as well. A simple app connecting people who need a ride with drivers of empty cars has revolutionized the taxi industry. Once we all had travel agents, now we use Expedia and TripAdvisor. Some of us had trusted stockbrokers, now we have eTrade. All of these industry disrupters grew out of and continue to evolve inside of the datacenter.

As Matt explains, “In today’s information-driven market, the data center has emerged from the shadows of cost control, and stepped into the light as a clear revenue driver.”

You can read the full article on B2C, or connect with Matt or Digital Realty on Twitter.

Jonathan Franks, Digital Marketing Manager (@jonathanfranks)

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