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Infographic: Technology - Then and Now

Chris Downie
juni 9, 2014

Technology developments have transformed business processes

Some trends come and go like fickle fashions. Others have a more lasting impact, radically transforming the way core operations and processes occur on a day-to-day basis. Several recent technological developments fit into this latter category, presenting entirely new opportunities and changing the enterprise landscape forever.

Here are some of the most influential, game-changing technologies that have made a powerful debut in recent years:

  • Software-as-a-Service. Instead of installing applications on the individual hard drives of every computer, organizations are increasingly relying on Web-based SaaS services that can be accessed from a diverse spectrum of devices and operating systems.
  • BYOD and mobile. Representing a major shift in employee work habits, BYOD trends have rippled throughout the professional world. Ninety percent of employees performed work activities on their own devices last year, instead of relying primarily on company-owned hardware, Cisco mConcierge reported.
  • Cloud computing. In addition to general computing, the cloud offers remarkable options for organizations to back up and recover their key assets, rather than relying on tapes or secondary servers.
  • Colocation. Before, companies needed to host their data centers in-house. Now, even cloud service providers are outsourcing some of their needs.
  • Big data. Real-time analytics and immense volumes of information have catalyzed business intelligence efforts, allowing businesses to respond to trends before they're outdated. An impressive 41 percent of companies already respond rapidly to big data insights, according to Vitria.
  • Smartphones. It's hard to miss the drastic impact these mobile devices have had on the world. Even your 6-year-old child probably handles a smartphone with ease.

These technologies have completely redefined how companies carry out their most essential activities. They aren't just new gadgets or options – they're called disruptors because they lead to metamorphosis, rather than providing simple enhancements along the same trajectory.

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