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The First Open-IX Platform in North America

April 7, 2014

As you probably read last week, we recently received Open-IX certification for four of our data centers in four distinct regions of the United States: New York, San Francisco, Dallas and Los Angeles.

While we cannot make the claim to have the first U.S. data centers to be certified (there have been others before us), we are excited to offer the first Open-IX platform in North America. In fact, Internet traffic is already flowing through our New York data center via AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange).

For a refresher on Open-IX you can refer to my blog from a few months ago called “Open-IX Represents a ‘Sea Change’ in North American Internet Market.”

Improved connectivity and reliability
What does all of this mean for our clients? Improved connectivity and reliability. And not just for our clients in the four locations mentioned above, but for clients in data centers throughout the Digital Realty Ecosystem.

Our facilities in Ashburn and Chicago are in the planning stages to obtain Open-IX certification and ultimately 29 Digital Realty data centers are expected to have Open-IX connectivity as part of our ecosystem.

Neutral and accessible Internet exchanges
As I’ve said before, we’re excited to be partnering with Open-IX in this effort to provide the market with a more neutral and accessible Internet exchange environment, and to nurture a carrier- and ISP-positive environment.

Together with Open-IX, our goal is to improve network resiliency through the promotion of neutral, secure and cost-effective exchange points, which means that service providers will be able to supply end users with improved physical connectivity for data transfer.

New levels of efficiency and resilience
In short, Open-IX’s objective is to reduce interconnection complexity and the associated costs to users in North America. Open-IX follows the European model, where neutral and distributed Internet exchanges are very common.

And receiving Open-IX certification is a giant step in the right direction, moving toward this open model—a giant step not just for Digital Realty and our clients, but for the entire Internet community in North America.

We strongly believe that everyone will benefit from a more open environment—our clients, their customers and their end users. And also that such an environment will deliver new levels of efficiency and resilience to all parties.

~ John Sarkis, Vice President of Connectivity and Carrier Operations at Digital Realty (NYSE: DLR)

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